Responsible Manufacturing Efforts

We at USA Silicone take environmental issues seriously. We strive to keep all of our manufacturing processes environmentally friendly and eco safe. It is our goal to provide superior products and services with a conscious responsibility to the environment.


We recycle the silicone products that didn't meet our quality standards into a silicone mulch. We use as many environmentally safe materials and supplies as possible in our manufacturing processes such as eco paint, green solvents even green cleaning products to keep our facility sparkling. Our tooling is made from recyclable products and used over and over. Any non-green solvents we use are saved and go to a certified waste disposal company for reclamation and proper disposal.

  • Comprehensive in-house recycling program
  • Recycled PET plastic for packaging
  • Environmentally friendly shipping practices including recycled boxes and packaging materials.


Fact: our 12,000+ Sq Ft facility only generates approximately 2 yards of refuse every 2 weeks.

Fact: We manufacture our own all natural soap with no synthetic detergents for cleaning & release lubricant.




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